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The first beginnings of the flashlight project: Instruction and a 9-LED conversion.
The LED museum: Inspiration and encouragement.
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In order to accommodate the 2" x 2" x 5/8" switching power supply board, a small electrical junction box was attached to the rear of the flashlight body with three screws. Two simply attach the box, and one longer screw serves to support the power supply board as well. A generous layer of silicon sealer was also applied between the flashlight body and the junction box. A piece of black foam plastic fits inside the junction box and covers the power supply. The light can still be stood on it's tail like a lantern or set flat as usual. A craftsman with with better plastics skills could have easily added some length to the flashlight and kept the appearance more uniform, but no apologies are made for the appearance of the work presented here.

The flashlight brand "Garrity" was chosen for the following characteristics: a robust physical interface between the battery and the contacts behind the reflector (which are actually supported by the reflector in most cases including this one, and there is alot of tension on the battery terminal springs so this is important), ease of disassembly of the reflector assembly, brass contacts which can be soldered, and some extra room around the battery so that wiring could be slipped past the battery to the power supply PCB behind the battery compartment.

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